Infuse your life!

Let us tickle your tastebuds and infuse your health & life with the power of nature- in a tea cup!

Who we are

We supply to eco conscious specialist retailers and hoteliers, providing unique award winning, organic, functional -delicious and nutritious -teas, drinks and tea tasting events.

By reinstating our connection with Nature, you can discover and support your wellbeing. The restorative sustaining circle of nature can continually inspire and support health, creativity and life.

So many teas offer benefits but not great taste. We pride ourselves on how delicious our teas are just by using pure organic quality ingredients blended in a such a way that makes them taste especially good and still hold genuine beneficial effect. It can be easy to be well and feel good.

After 25 years in her Nutrition and Naturopathy practice in central London (The Art of Health), Alexsandra Rehlinger could see where connecting to nature was the key to reconnecting to health and wellbeing.  What better and more universally comforting way to do so than with a lovely cup of tea. 

Bespoke Tea Blends

Perhaps you’re looking for something even more unique, or for a special event or something that reflects the unique aspects of your hotel and its natural environment? We make bespoke blends that herald and infuse your consumers with the best of what you have to offer. We’ve designed blends for big birthdays and organisations house blends and launch events working with locally grown ingredients.

Let us help make your event truly special.  Email us now at to arrange a no obligation meeting or conversation.

Inspiration & Vision

Our longer vision is to connect with small herb growers for more direct contact to help build sustainable smaller local economies and communities (for all of our sake). We will be looking for a site for The Infuse Garden where visitors can surround themselves in nature while participating and learning in fun educational workshops, or just enjoy a beautiful cup of tea in the grounds where it came from.

Our Current and Seasonal Range

trade & wholesale rates on pack sizes 

all items in biodegradable bags or Miron glass

calming & soothing to the entire system (digestive system, liver, mind)
so you can truly relax and be yourself

fortifying & adaptogenic (stress-busting), helps you to centre and focus
on what needs done and what inspires you

simple invigorating antioxidant upliftment- sunshine- in a cup

Powpow Powder
tasty, powerful caffeine free combo, supporting you
to be stronger & more resilient   

40 nutritive fortifying ingredients
to ensure you feel loved up